Ergo Playgrounds - run contracts + off-chain code in the browser

Made by denyz, his message in discord (development channel) :

I’ve being thinking of a REPL-like environment for contracts + off-chain code.
Here what I was able to pull together as a Proof-of-Concept:
Ergo Playgrounds

Run contracts + off-chain code in the browser.

  1. Design and model a contract along with its off-chain counterpart in the same Scala environment.
  2. Share and discuss the contract. Explain how it works.
  3. Check different scenarios of contract execution.
  • seamless on-chain < - > off-chain code integration;
  • immediate feedback.

Implementation-wise it’s a “low hanging fruit” kind of task.

  • Scastie (ready);
  • ErgoScala compiler (mostly ready);
  • use Sigmastate interpreter for signing the transactions;
  • start with a simplified UTXO model for blockchain simulation, and eventually use “live” code from Ergo (extracted into a library).

Run our DEX contracts in the browser -

It’s similar to Plutus Playground(Cardano).