What apps can you do on Ergo

Before the mainnet launch and during first months we made some contracts to understand possibilities of Ergo contracts (ErgoTree / ErgoScript), with no offchain parts and UIs developed. Now with the stablecoin launch, ergoauctions doing well, ErgoMixer going to tokenization of its income flow, it is good to remind about possibilities for developers which are coming to the community now:

There are many tools for developers now, such as Headless DApp Framework (by Emurgo) GitHub - Emurgo/ergo-headless-dapp-framework: An easy to use framework for building Ergo headless dApps. , ErgoAppKit (by @morphic ): GitHub - ergoplatform/ergo-appkit: Appkit: A Library for Polyglot Development of Ergo Applications , Ergo Playground for play with contracts (check ready examples at ErgoScript By Example repo: GitHub - ergoplatform/ergoscript-by-example: Learn ErgoScript by reading example smart contracts powered by Ergo Playground. ), Ergo JS Template to make UI easily GitHub - anon-real/ergo-js-template: A JS template for Ergo dApp development etc

Making applications on top of Ergo is not about fun and following proper first principles, but also can be profitable these days! So come and build on top of Ergo!