ERGO Miners Comparative

This is an ERGO Miners Comparative with 4 x 3080, with Fixed Core Clock to avoid any Silicion Lottery of the GPU.

All 3080 are at:

Core 1500
Memory 900

Miners :

Nbminer : Fee 2%
Nanominer : Fee 2.5%
T-Rex : Fee 2%
lolMiner : Fee 1.5%


Miner HiveOS Pool Stales Comment
Nbminer 1925 1924 5 Shares are reality
nanominer 1900 1879 7 Included Fee in the shares
T-Rex 1917 1914 6 Shares are reality
lolMiner 1964 1969 4 Shares are reality
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With HiveOS results: we have all of them around 205-206Mhs. Only we found that lolMiner goes down Mhs during the ERGO Data Set, all other miners doesn’t do it. During that ERGO Data Set is impossible to mine, so why they continue showing the same Mhs? We explain that at the end

Hash rate at Pool:

Miner Average Mhs Real Income
Nbminer 207.10 Mhs
nanominer 206.11 Mhs
T-Rex 201.49 Mhs
lolMiner 215.63 Mhs

About drop hashrate we comment before. During the ERGO Data Set, that could happen 4 times in a Minute for example, the time creating the Ergo Data Set the GPUs cannot mine. In the photo you can easy see that the calculation of the Mhs in lolMiner is correctly. During last 10s, 1.3s where for the data Ergo Set and the other 8.7S for mining so that makes the Mhs to be reduced. In the other miner the T-Rex that doesn’t happen it also increase the Mhs and it is impossible to mine during that Ergo Data Set. That said the Mhs in T-Rex are not real, the Mhs have to go down during the not mining time for the Data Ergo Set, because is not possible to mine during that time. Always a picture helps to see that.

There are only 2 miners that show real hashrate at the moment, they are lolMiner and TeamRedMiner. All other miners are not reporting real hash as we can easy see in the photo. Many thanks to these 2 teams for not lie to the miners!!


Great analysis. Thank you!

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