Ergo Cast Looking For New Host

As many of you may know, at the end of last year I launched the Ergo Cast to allow people to gain a better understanding what is going on in the ecosystem. The response was quite good, however due to a numerous array of factors and being an integral part of the new Emurgo <-> Ergo partnership, I simply cannot spare the time to run the podcast anymore.

As such I’d like to pass on the torch, so to speak, and offer the position as host of the Ergo Cast to someone else in the community. I’ll pass on access to the website & youtube channel, and so you can carry on with everything already set up.

There’s a plethora of new things being discovered & released on a weekly basis, so it would be great for everyone in the community if we could continue this podcast and have a more personal & detailed overview.

Let me know down below or via PM if you are interested and we can hopefully get this rolling once more.


I think Ergo Foundation would be happy to continue to provide a grant for doing ErgoCast!


Of course, the grant will continue. ErgoCast doesn`t have to be technical at all but i think fluent English or something near should be the requirement, any community member is free to send message to any board member if he likes to continue the show.

It could be for example based on the monthly digest to simplify things.

What’s going on with the Ergo Cast? I’d love to see it be at least monthly. Can I help out here?

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I would be open the the idea @robert. Let me give some of the videos a quick watch and see if I can keep up with and understand the subject matter well enough to be a useful host. :slight_smile: I hope that Ergo Cast can find the right person to carry the torch!

EDIT: since doing my research, it appears as though Ergo Cast has a new host. Awesome work everyone!

I can do it. Would be a privilege to be of service