Discuss Desired Future Exchange Listings

Lets have a well organized discussion about the pros and cons of exchanges and what would be our preferred future listings for Ergo.

Don’t expect Binance to be said and then adopted, Lets clearly calculate the value and the rewards the best we can. I’m not the best on this topic but i know we have had in depth discussions on telegram about fees requested and certain risk of losing decentralization to exchanges like Binance holding massive amounts as per their request in exchange for listing some coins.

Let us hear what your opinions are.


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san d
We should avoid Binance 100%. CZ is getting WAY to powerful in the crypto world and i personally don’t want his dirty hands all over ERGO. A smaller coin basically gets swallowed up by Binance and from the moment of listing Binance owns it (dictates the price movement etc.). Seriously, everything but Binance. Kraken for example, much better. Bittrex too. Just not Binance. Only after being in other major exchanges is Binance safe imo


KuCoin sounds like something achievable, and a good balance in terms of reliability, operational efficiency and liquidity provision. Looks to me like a solid exchange.

Kraken would also be a nice to have.


Any exchange that has been hostile to coins with privacy features Monero (XMR) Zcash (ZEC) Dash (DASH) should be avoided. If Ergo is going to build infrastructure around privacy features (the mixer, ring signatures, ect.) than we need to own that identity and build value around it.

Personally, I think that this regulatory aspect needs to be taken into account regarding Ergo’s long term marketing and exchange listing strategy… the perfect example of an exchange to avoid is Bittrex.

Any exchange that is potentially hostile to privacy coins is a liability.

The focus on building out a network of smaller non KYC exchanges and Dex’s for now is a solid strategy. There will probably be much growth in the creation and use of Dex’s in the next few years.

The most important exchange for Ergo will be Ergos Dex Ergoswap. I would much prefer the core team spend their time and the Ergo Foundations resources there.

Until the larger exchanges desire and are willing to negotiate the listing fee we should forget about them.


I agree with not listing in Binance yet. I would love to get on Kraken or Kucoin. Kucoin will be better as many from the US are able to use it. I would love to know the fees and requirements needed to get listed, then we could have a better idea on which one is best for the project right now. But a good high tier exchange is needed.


As well as other exchanges, KuCoin has listing requirements under NDA. We are going to reapply there and then let’s see how to get there.


I kind of agree to make sure no exchange gets a big say.
I would prefer if ERGO went after all the small exchanges.

I would even try to match countries with certain exchanges. I am for example from the Netherlands and while i don’t mention a word about being into crypto, i hear alot of people are using Bitvavo as it is a ‘trusted’ national product in their eyes.

I am quite sure alot of folk would prefer using a exchange linked to their nation on some level. It’s more trusted with the banking systems and all in their knowledge.

So building up is probably a better approach. Just my view on it.


Very well said! You bring up some valid points about regulations, and hostility to privacy coins. This is certainly worth considering.

I’m coming to you from Canada… so in a selfish way, I’d love to see ERG on an exchange with a CAD fiat onramp, and CAD/ERG pair.

Newton is a smaller Canadian exchange. They have a simple interface but are very user friendly. They also still support Monero (XMR).

ndax.io is another exchange on my radar. The team is very active on Reddit and have (so far) shown excellent community support. …They also have ADA listed.

Ultimately I’d like any listings be in the best interest of the Ergo platform, and I don’t mind going through a few extra steps to support it.


kraken shitty exchange… binance best exchange

I’ve mentioned this in telegram but I wanted to put it here also.

Changelly.com would be a great addition to our exchange options.

The current process for new users to buy Erg can be off putting to some, me included (initially).

If we had a super simple process for people to buy into Erg, i think it would drive healthy growth.

And it would make the process as simple as:

1.) set up exchange pair
2.) send crypto to changelly
3.) receive Erg in exchange from Changelly

No account is necessary at Changelly making this process possible for pretty much anyone.


What about buying directly from Ledger Live once the ledger integration is done? And in regards to exchanges, I’d prefer the ergo team to focus on the DEX for now @kushti. We do have several exchanges that already list ergo. People can buy and sell. It’s not optimal but ergo is a small project for now, so that’s fine.

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Kushti has brought me on to help with Bizdev work. I can’t speak to any specifics as any talks are covered by NDA, but I can tell you the general game plan. I think transparency here is a good thing.

In the shorter term, my goal is to onboard a payment gateway, a larger, more accessible/trusted exchange, and continue to add to Ergo’s Dex portfolio.

Payment gateways are a great option to get ERG circulating. Any small business owners in the community that receive payments online could add a crypto payment gateway and accept ERG for their goods or services.

I can confirm talks with a few larger exchanges without any specifics. One important thing to keep in mind with larger exchanges is they will want to see activity and liquidity. Trading metrics are a part of how exchanges evaluate projects. So, whatever comes, please consider providing liquidity, trading, or using larger exchanges if you are purchasing. Many things appear simple, quick, and easy. However, they are a little more complex in reality. Nonetheless, it is a goal. It will get done. Please have patience with this.

Crypto, in general, is seeing a phase of adoption that is unprecedented. I believe the total market of the crypto space compared to the GPD of countries puts the crypto market in the top 20. As such, I do believe we see some regulation in the next year or two.

This is an extrinsic risk that is important to have contingency plans for. The best way to do that is to have the core team continue to focus on our native dex. On the biz dev side, explore potential dexes to list on, and get a little more active with the BPSAA. Things are in motion here as well.

I wish I could provide a roadmap, but there are many market variables to take into account as things move forward, well as non-disclosure agreements.

Once these three goals are met, I will look into wallet partners and expanding our mining pools/distributing the hash rate. Ergo has already signed a contract for ledger support. I am in contact with the development team working on ledger and can provide updates as they hit development milestones.

There is also a mobile wallet in development. Ongoing development can be followed in discord or the weekly dev update.

On a side note, Kushti is putting together Ergo’s first hackathon. If we can get some community support in promotion, advertising, and even participation by community members, that would be awesome.


Can’t think of a better person for this role right now…excellent!!


When I signed up as bizdev I dropped my first three short-term priorities. (Read Above)

Things are in motion on all fronts. More info will come out on progress on these as things progress.

Once these are accomplished I will shift to a mid term focus.

In the midterm, the three biggest developments for Ergo:

The implementation of Gravity
The Dex

Gravity and ergo.meta will, in time, allow Erg to interact with multiple chains, including ETH and BSC.

From a bizdev perspective, this really opens up a lot of potential partnerships, which I fully intend to pursue. In the mid-term, becoming a multi-chain asset and building greater liquidity and market access across platforms will be my goal.

I believe these 3 developments will put us in a position to grow beyond our ecosystem, and implement the great tech being created by our devs. This is the path to sustainable long term growth and adoption.
In time I hope this plan will improve our market position and put Ergo in a position to be an attractive asset to tier 1 exchanges.

The truth is we are already listed on gate.io, which is an exchange with very high volume.

I understand people still have the ico market mindset of 2017, meaning, list on coinbase/binance and go to the moon. In my opinion, the path to success is becoming a useful multi-chain oriented asset.

I fully understand Ergo could use better market access, better exchange listings, and more marketing exposure.

Things are in the works. Please have patience.


ERGO is an unvalidated product.

Validation comes through recognition and a presence on a global scale. Trading View does not recognize ERG. Intelligent people have never heard of ERGO and when they try to learn more… All they get are RED FLAGS… Warnings. No listings = No confidence.

Conversations about EGRO fall on deaf ears because ERGO does not have a presence on fundamental platforms. Maybe we despise Binance and Coinbase… but a presence there brings creditability.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s… Betamax was a better videotape product than VHS… but Betamax was inaccessible and died and early death.

You all sound like a bunch of scared kids.
It takes courage and confidence to participate in the ecosystem. ERGO is amazing and respected by a few. BE ALL YOU CAN BE… Seize the day !!!


Coinbase will not list until certain criteria are met, e.g. larger market cap, specific mining decentralization stats, etc. Binance has it’s own issues, and requires some kind of payment prior to listing. Those exchanges will come in time. Right now though, four new exchanges have agreed to list Ergo. Growth is happening in a healthy way, stay tuned.


Sorry for the delay everyone.

The good news is deals have been inked, payment has been made. So we have 4 new exchanges lined up that I pursued based on community feedback. All four represent progress in market access and future technical integration/support for our ecosystem.

I think the majority will be very pleased when I can push news.

The bad new is at the moment exchanges are a bit slow. On Wednesday we saw massive volume and many exchanges (even top tier exchanges) were experiencing issues. It seems many exchanges are directing resources to prevent this in the future.

We are in a bull market so there seems to be some queue and line we are waiting in for integration although we do have exchange teams working on ERG integration currently.

Basically at this point we are boarded, on the runway waiting and takeoff has been delayed a bit on 3 of the 4. I am still waiting on the 4th, this might end up being the first I can push news on.

I was initially told differently, I should have taken into account this was prior to payment. In the future I will hold off until I have verification during the integration process post payment.

Apologies, that’s on me for not getting better/accurate information. I was initially told I would be free on Monday.

IMO The best I can do here is be transparent with the community.


Awesome. We are all hyped but things need to be done the right way, despite our will to rocket to the moon.
One thing we should be aware of also, is timing. Good news, if well timed, can have a larger impact.
Thanks for the info, keep up the good work!


We got time. More time to grow our hoardes of ERG.


Thanks a lot for the update, ironically this could be actually beneficial as it gives us more time to promote Ergo, and now that it’s on sale new investors might feel more confident jumping in.