Create token with Ergo Utils

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Tutorial 5 - Create token with Ergo Utils

In this tutorial we are going to see how to create a fungible token from the Ergo Utils website.

Step 1

The first thing we will do is enter and configure our wallet. The screenshots of this tutorial have been taken from the video, I recommend that you do not use the Yoroi wallet, there are other options:

Step 2

To create our token we will select New Token and fill in the form that defines the characteristics that our token will have. Number of units that we are going to issue, I am going to create 1 million TutorialsCoin and without decimals. We add the name and description and press issue.

A notice will appear on the screen that includes an amount to pay and an address where you have to pay for the creation of our token to take effect. We will have to do something as simple as go to our wallet and make the payment with the exact amount to that address. Remember that you can copy the address and the exact amount to the clipboard by clicking on them.

Step 3

Once the fields are completed, we enter our expense password and the magic is done. We can return to the ErgoUtils website to check that our token is being created correctly, we will wait for some confirmations of our payment to have them in our wallet.

In a few minutes we will go to our wallet to verify that the payment is made correctly. Once verified, we can see in our wallet that we already have the tokens that we have created.

We could already make payments to other wallets with this own and newly created token.

Create token with Ergo Utils

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