Create a wallet offline?

Any way to create an offline wallet? For Cardano, I created my own keys offline using the CLI so am pretty technical. But I just can’t get my head on how to create an offline wallet for Ergo.

Or some way to take the yoroi extension to usb then create the seed phrase on an offline computer? Thank you for your help!

To create Ergo wallet offline you

  1. Download latest Ergo Wallet Desktop for your Operating system from Releases · ErgoWallet/ergowallet-desktop · GitHub.

  2. Verify the signature of the file.

  3. Create new seed phrase and backup it

  4. Use addresses generated in wallet.


Thank you very much.
How do I verify signature? I already verified checksum

Any comments? I know how to verify signatures in general, but I do not find the signature file for this wallet

Hello, just verify checksum. We don’t sign files. It was typo in instruction above.

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Is there a way to use this wallet to open a fifteen word phrase generated by Yoroi browser extension? It looks like it only supports a 12-word phrase, but the Yoroi browser extension creates a 15-word phrase.

The Yoroi extension generated my 15-word phrase, but the Yoroi iOS app doesn’t even support importing it…and I think it may have lost me 722 ERG :frowning:

You can create on offline paper wallet with this

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Hi, thank you for this. Is this the correct GitHub for the paper wallet?:

Is there some instructions on how to build the standalone.html file from the code? Am not a dev but I know how to follow instructions.