Yoroi Wallet now supports Ergo!


ERG in an old old wallet on my PC which was running a node where I stored the 15 word key has not been restored into Yoroi. I asked for help and I was told its not supported as the way the private key was generated from the key words was different(early August 2020 is when the node software was installed).
I have access to my keywords but cant run the node software , and Im guessing keys would be different now if I installed another node (please no).
So how can I recover the private key and get at my ERG I just want them moved to Yoroi
I have my 15 word phrase what else do I need and step by step HOW!

I caution against creating an ERGO wallet using the Yoroi browser extension. It uses a different mnemonic than their IOS app, so you can’t restore your address into the app. And the browser extension sucks ass. Mine crashes every time I try to restore a 15 word mnemonic, so it looks like i’ve lost 722 ERGO.

Does anyone know how to extract the private key from a Yoroi 15-word browser extension mnemonic? Not even Yoroi seems to know how… and I’m beginning to worry I’ll never get my money out of the account it created.

To my knowledge, Yoroi IOS app does not support Ergo wallet yet. It only supports Ada wallets. I am sorry to hear your experience. Perhaps your mnemonic words are wrong? Try recover from browser Yoroi extension on another computer? or try uninstall/install Yoroi extension again?