Will Ergo Mixer Secure Ergo's Fungibility

Over time I have noticed that Monero and other privacy tokens can benefit from having private and immutable blockchains as all tokens are deemed fungible and can be interchanged with others. Fungibility is beyond currency and the stored value it is the key to blockchains success. Ergo needs the ability to be traded or exchanged, one for another at any given time. For example, one Ergo is always equal in value to another Ergo. All tokens should have an equal value if an exchange was to blacklist certain tokens such as if they were used in a crime or suspected crime it could deem certain Ergo tokens less desirable we have seen this in the past with Bitcoin.

Will the recent upgrades to ErgoMixer help to keep Ergo’s fungibility safe and secure?

Thanks, Reuben from Firo I watched the video from Ergo Summit 2022 ‘The Evolution of On-Chain Privacy Protocols’ and this is information that is exactly what I was looking for. You explained privacy mechanisms really well. Lelantus Spark already seems to have some massive improvements added that other privacy coins just don’t have its nice to see some real advancements coming to the privacy coin space.