Tokens mixer is done

Hello guyz! Discord is asking for phone number verification and all the online SMS inboxes I have found banned there. So I am going to continue here.

Tokens mixer is ready. I am testing it now and then it will be on GitHub within few days.

Then I would like to ask for help with improving UX, doing pools etc. I will probably do binaries and then take a break for some time. Cheers!



Will share link in social channels. Great news!





So ergs mixer in the master branch; tokens mixer in the tokens branch.

Next steps are runnable binaries, better UI, different rings, settings, mint-pour support etc. I would be happy if someone can do this! I am very limited with my day job currently. See readme and issues.

Please use it or modify it in any way. No rights reserved. Privacy is a basic human right!


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A modified version of ergomix is ready to launch on miannet.
Thanks to the great contribution of @anon92048 and based on his code, we improved the code and will launch the improved mixer in a few days.
key features are:

  • Token-based fee support. No sponsored fee is needed.
  • Token-based fee model is completely transparent for the user and is handled automatically by smart contracts.
  • Adaptable token pricing scheme. token emission contract support selling different batches. price parameters are stored in its registers to be easily adaptable. Also, it supports entering fee which is a percentage of pool amount.
  • Multiple Pool (ring) support.
  • Auto splitting any amount of erg in pools.
  • Configurable parameters (DB parameters, job intervals, fee, and …).
  • Manual withdraw capability in all stages (deposit, half-box, full-box).
  • Better handling some rare but important cases. like transactions missing.
  • More statistics. like number of mixes in each pool in the last 24h.
  • Decrease double-spending probability with considering the mempool.
  • Better UI and UX using react.
  • Token mixing is under development

I will keep you posted in a few days on where to download the code and binaries.



The new version of ErgoMixer will be released on Aug 8.
This version will support token mixing; you can start mixing any tokens, also you can ask us to add a token to our list so that everyone using ErgoMixer can see and mix it more user-friendly!
Also, mixer’s performance has been improved in various aspects so you will have a smoother mixing experience in this version.
Please consider finishing your current mixes by Aug 8 and start using the new version.
We also will release platform-specific binaries for this version.


Created a new topic to cover the news about ergomixer and will not post here in the future. plz keep posted in the following thread:

:::ErgoMixer::: ZeroJoin Mixer for ERG and Tokens

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