Wallet shows 0 ERG but Should be 610. I can add ERG but it adds from 0


I need some help. I had an issue where I got some Disk corruption and my system failed. When I restarted my node my wallet no longer showed its ERG. I tried resync everything but it still does not help.

I can see the wallet, my API Key works and my Wallet Lock works.
I also did a test and sent some coins and they showed up. But none of the previous coins showed up. I can see them on my IOS Read Only wallet or on the explorer , 121 transactions

Issue is I misplaced my 15 word seed so I need to get these coins off this node to a new wallet I created

Any help Please ??




QR Code


No. transactions


Final balance

610.252473275 ERG



I also see this in Swagger

“error”: 403,
“reason”: “forbidden”,
“detail”: “The supplied authentication is not authorized to access this resource”

But again I can unlock the wallet and API