Wallet cannot be revovered from seed phrase

I created a 15 word wallet using the Yoroi app on an iPhone in December '21 and transferred a small amount of ADA to it (the balance showed up correctly in the Yoroi app). I recently switched to a new iPhone and tried to recover the wallet using the 15 word seed phrase (which is definitely correct). The restored wallet shows a balance of 0 ADA, while I can still see the transaction and the correct balance on cardanoscan.io. It seems like there was derived a new/different wallet from the seed phrase…

I read about similar issues on the internet (e.g. here: ADA missing after restoring wallet in Yoroi - #22 by Scarlett - Community Technical Support - Cardano Forum) - is there anything I can do to get access to my original wallet?!

Sorry but this would be an ergo forum not a cardano forum. Either way you should either try another wallet which im not to familiar which wallet or you may have written the wrong seed phrase down.

If you lost your seed phrase your out of luck.

Seed phrase is correct. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum, I’ll search for the correct one.