Using docker and Raspberry Pi

Hej guys,
Am I correct in thinking that the easiest way to run an Ergo node and apps like the Ergo mixer on a Raspberry Pi or similar SBC is going to be by utilising docker?
All feedback and advice welcomed.

Jimmy H

For Raspberry Pi, running jar is preferred I guess. If the device is limited in RAM:

  • use state = “digest”, process and store just limited number of full-blocks, so config would be like in this gist (where only ~4 days of full-blocks are kept): light.conf · GitHub

  • launch as

java -jar -Xmx1G ergo-4.0.11.jar --mainnet -c light.conf

to limit the node with 1GB RAM (you can try smaller values even, e.g. -Xmx512m for max 512 MB to be consumed

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You can use docker on your R-pi, but at the moment the premade docker is not for arm devices. Even the .jar file doesn’t work. You’ll have to clone the ergo node repo and build you own .jar from scratch using SBT.