The best time to vote for a soft fork is 26 years

BTC mining ends in 2040. ERG is best to choose 26 years. After the BTC mining ends, the relay BTC hashrate can continue to mine for 6 years to increase the influence of ERG.

Big difference, BTC is expected to hit total supply in 2140, not 2040.

And BTC is meaningful to compare against, but I fear we’re going to lose sight chasing the wrong targets and fantasies.

Getting the soft fork to pass is going to be a bigger challenge then we think.

Remember, only full nodes can vote on proposal.
The last proposal which failed, was for reducing storage rent from 4 to 3 years.

That’s very modest in comparison to the upcoming proposal.


Thank you,I understand

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Typo can you show me how to vote in the full node if you have some time. Kushti wrote about it but their are still some questions I have such as are votes accepted from pools or only from solo miners.