tERGminal - dApp in python for terminal


I have finished the pocket Swiss army knife. It is written in python and tested on a MAC, Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi Zero w. Its code is Open Source

Infinite thanks to the ergpy repository.


Java 8 or higher
pip install JPype1
pip install ergpy


python ergpyMenu.py

Once configured with your seed phrase, you can perform the following operations:


The whiteList file includes an array in which the wallet addresses for options 2 and 5 can be included.


Is for the graphic part on the screen.

Remember that this is a **non-audit application,** although I want you to have no problems with your ERGs, I recommend that the seed phrase you enter (it will never be stored) corresponds to a wallet that is not your main wallet.

The seed phrase is not stored anywhere, it needs to be entered every time the dapp is run

For the options that display information (9, 10 and 11) there is no need to configure the wallet.

tERGminal in action

In this tweet you can see tERGminal in action sending NFT to a random wallet.

If you try to use tERGminal and don’t succeed easily because you don’t have experience with python or Raspberry Pi, feel free to ask me any questions you need.

Any suggestions are welcome.

:star_struck: cant wait to test it out!

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Let me know how it went when you try it.