Strange Crashes Please Read

Hey there, Im new to ERG mining however not new to mining. I have 3 rigs for ERG mining, 2x 470 rigs, one with 11 470’s and 1 with 5 470’s, 1 rig with 9 570s all cards are 4GB.

My issue : After about 10 - 20 mins my miners crash, however everything works perfect until crash, no drops nothing.

Lets clear up a few things.
No its not a power issue, 2x 1200Watt per rig.
Not the internet, all ETH miners run fine
No powerlimit on the same “outlet”, idk the English word. Everything is split up good,
ALSO these rigs are currently running perfectly fine on ETC ( no crashes etc ).

Can it be wallet related? different core clocks? Wrong pool? or what else could cause crashes while mining ERG. Please let me know as I’m clueless. ( Wallet is Synced and constantly open ).

Screenshot - f07fb366d4f33ec1e199772affe016a8 - Gyazo ← Here u can see it does run stable on ETC