SigmaUSD down. Cant Buy or sell RSV or SigmaUSD

Went to add liquidity / buy RSV tokens but the page wont load any of the details such as Current price, Circulating Supply, Reserve Ratio. Unable to do anything with it. somethings broken guys. :frowning:

I just tested this with 1.6 ERG to purchase 1000 RSV and my transaction is worked. You can see the contract address here

Have you tried again?

My problem is that I was helping someone with a transaction, and it appears the contract may have been down when it was sent. The receiving address associated with the smart contract accepted the funds, but it did not send them to the contract or back to the original wallet. They currently remain in the address.

I was hoping that once that smart contract came back online it would process back through these transactions, and either reject them or process them. But, it doesn’t look like that is the case, at least not yet.

Here’s the smart contract Erg Address, where you can see it kicked back the funds in a previous failed attempt and how it didn’t this time. And, here’s the specific transaction in question.

Any suggestions on what should be done at this point?

Strange! The contract owner should be able to help you, though I’m not sure who it is. Go to the Ergo SigUSD or dev discord and ask there and they will be able to direct you to the best person for the job.

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Thanks. I’m trying that now.

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i asked on discord after i posted this, it was down for a little while today but is working again.

It could be because the UI was down… Just ask in the discord and someone will help…
The refund can be triggered by anyone … so post the refund address here and someone familiar with the contract could also send it back.


Refund address: 9hazrf5Yqcpp1zGvQchpDJSUxEdSeFm3JteFw3a1HmTKGHkfGpT

Asked in discord in the sigmausd channel yesterday at 4:14PM and posted an issue in Github. But, I haven’t heard back yet. Appreciate the suggestions!

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Hey! sent to you back


Perfect. Thank you for your help!

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