I can't connect to ergo herominers or any pool

Hello, I have a problem with the erg.herominers.com page since I changed the minimum payment and I put the ip that it asks for to verify, since i did I can no longer enter and I can’t connect to any pool, I think it is for the same reason.
I hope someone helps me fix it, thank you very much

@herominers Maybes you can help?

You can change your minimum payment limit here.

Sorry but that is not my problem, the problem is that I cannot enter ergo.herominer.com or connect to any pool since I enter the IP of my miner

Did you try using a VPN just encase your ISP is blocking the connection ?.

Yes, I already tried with VPN and entered without problem

How about with another browser other then Opera using original IP? When Hero miners detects the IP address does not match their records it will display a message Error: We haven’t seen that IP for your address. I don’t think their is a lockout feature that would lock you out from the site completely for multiple IP change attempts. It should be as simple as enter one of your miners IP address change the min amount. Sometimes browsers can cause issues such as when they cache data I recommend clearing your browsers cache and trying again. The connection could be timing out for a number of reasons check that the VPN you used did not change the proxy settings in your browser permanently also try and use another DNS then your current one something like Cloudflare DNS.

I have tried with Chrome and Edge, it is the same
The proxy configuration was not modified, I already cleared the opera cache and it remains the same.
I can access all the pages of herominers.com, except ERGO
When I put the ip it gave me a green success message
I forgot to mention that I have a dynamic IP, I don’t know if that’s a problem, I don’t think so, but just in case I’ll tell you
I tried everything and I honestly don’t think the problem is in my network
After that I could not connect to any ergo server pool

@herominers could this user be rejected by the server due to any blacklists. Security prevention such as WAF.

That makes much more sense, not knowing which IP to put, try several, it could probably be that
I can’t think of something else
Unless my data can be reset in some way

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