How to recover a Yoroi wallet without Yoroi

I made the mistake of creating an ERGO wallet using Yoroi browser extension.

After a month or two of use, it crashed and wouldn’t load any more. I had saved my mnemonic seed, so I tried to recover it using Yoroi browser extension, but no matter what OS or browser I try to do this with, it goes to a white screen and crashes.

I tried using Yoroi iOS application to recover my wallet, but it creates a new empty wallet. So even Yoroi it seems can’t open a wallet created with Yoroi.

Is there a command line tool that I can use to extract my private key using the method that Yoroi used to create it in their browser extension version?

ERG is not supported on Yoroi iOS.

There’s an issue with miner dust on Yoroi right now, the dev is working hard trying to fix. He would appreciate error logs.

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Thanks for the information can you explain a little bit more what miner dust is? dust is the small amount of ERGO that remains in a particular wallet or address because the monetary value is so tiny that it is below the amount of the fee required?

Dust refers to any UTXOs of vanishingly low value, or for UTXOs that are uneconomic to create or spend at a given fee rate. For Ergo this usually manifests as miners gaining lots of UTXOs and clogging up the wallet. Using ‘Send All Assets’ tidies this up.

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