Help a newbie. Need software

friends, share your thoughts on what are the optimal video cards for mining. And miners is a good resource for finding optimal GPU’s

Miners are probably not much between them, I use nanominer

I also use a 3060 Ti Founders Edition which gets 170mh/s with overclocking

Loads of great vidoes on youtube about mining and overclocking, take some time to do research and figure out what’s best for your budget and abilities


If your looking for mining software try NBMiner, nanominer is also a good mining software for ERGO they are also included in HiveOS.

HiveOS is an operating system based on Ubuntu Linux that has all the mining software and drivers you will need already preinstalled it also has some great features like backing up and flashing your card’s bios and overclocking.

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what are you planning to mine on? what coins?

Hi. What do you want to mine with?

It’s depend what card do you have, for nvdia 3080ti is the best for ergo, and amd vega56/64 is the best choice,.

For miner i will avoid nanominer cuz the fee is high compared with other miner software
If mix cards you can use lolminer
Nvida only trex, nbminer
Amd only teamred, sbminer

And beside miner software you have to consider which pool you wanna jump in, i suggest to avoid NANOPOOL cuz they already have big hashrate for small hashrate you can try herominer and if you have bigger you can try 2miner, flypool or wooly

I do not know. I want to figure out what will be more profitable. On the one hand, there are ASICs, they are convenient and already configured.
But dear ones. video cards are more variable and cheaper. But there is a lot of trouble with them (((

This is a very big job. We must start with the formation and the budgetary part

depending on what equipment you use. Are you going to use video cards? what?
One of the most popular and effective mining programs is – Awesome Miner, GUI Miner,
Video Cards AMD – OverdriveNTool
Nvidia rtx3060 – 470.05 Beta driver, 472.12
Bios - RED BIOS EDITOR, NiBiTor, Phoenix Bios Editor
start with a training video, usually on websites along with programs, there are instructions and training videos

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Let’s say I have a room, electricity and racks. Collected several rigs. How do I start them? What software do you need?

Thanks!!! I’ll check it today, I’ll tell you tomorrow

Hi! Seven days have passed. How is it going? I’m mining with GPU. But I mine exotic prospective coins which may show rocket growth to avoid a lot of competition for blocks. This is my strategy.

HiveOS has all the software for mining ERGO you will need try NBminer I have had the best results using NBMiner.