First timer ergo node

so out of interest i installed a node on my remote server
its running for about 3 days and still hasnt finish to sync
the folder size is about 3.5gb now
and synchronization state shows yellow active synchronization and keeps running
its connected to 25 peers and the terminal is very busy in the background
no mining
on a 100mb connection
is it normal? how long should it take?
it seems like the network is very slow to get the blocksdata for some reason
how big should the block folder be?


Folder size is about 4gb now. This version should resolve issue with bad config at least Ergo Mainnet 4.0.5 Release Latest tutorial Guide for setting up an Ergo node on windows 10 by ADA North Pool


ok will be running the 4.0.5 ver see if that will run faster
i run it by the instructions on the post , its seems ok , except for the download speed

what effects the speed of blocks download? is it physical connection to other nodes or is it a factor of network calculations and block generating that effects the build of a new node data?

I installed the node on my PC recently and I was kinda surprised by the CPU usage while it was sync. PC is usually quite as a mouse but my 5600X was definitely working while it was doing the initial sync. If your remote box hasn’t got decent processing power, that’s why it’s probably a bit slow.

It took about 5 hours to sync on mine.

I guess it also depends on HDD vs SSD.

4.0.8 should have significantly faster bootstrap, under 2 hours on my old laptop with weak HDD.


for the info
my problem was in the config file , i had it pointing to the actual folder path
instead of ${user.dir}"/…" , after setting it correctly it actually downloaded after few hours.

but now i have another problem , its actually crushes after few hours with a scala error code ,
i think its java version , updated and will see.