Failed sigrsv refund

Hi I’m having a sigrsv redemption/refund issue. I generated a redemption address, sent the sigrsv to it, but never received any erg in my ergo wallet. When I tried a refund from the proxy addy I got a dialogue error box saying Could not generate tx. Any help appreciated.

The smart contract may of rejected the transaction as a security procedure. Do your SigRSV show as moved back to the original wallet address on the block explorer ?. In the SigUSD website reconnect your wallet and see if your balance shows back in the original wallet. It could be that the transaction was reject for whatever reason or is still being confirmed. Do you see anything in the history table at SigUSD website?.

Hi team, this has been resolved thanks to the help of Glasgow on Telegram.

I sent the sigrsv with a transaction fee of 0.001 erg instead of 0.01.

Not enough coin to create a transaction.



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