ErgoPlatform Update 25.11.2019

"3.1.4 is postponed a bit, as we want to include more optimizations and features into it. At the same time, good progress is done with 3.2.0. It will have much faster bootstrapping (~3-4x improvement on my laptop with HDD) and also support for external applications (EIP-1 ).

New Asian tour will take place from Dec, 4th till Dec, 11th and will include events in Shanghai (some private event and one event to be announced), HangZhou (Zhejian university), Beijing (Tsinghua university), and Seoul. Details will be announced in coming days.

Pool (with collaterals and need to run node on miner’s side) is mostly ready as reported by its development team, private tests will be started around this weekend. If you are willing to help with a mining rig please write me.

To simplify installing and running the node, new versions will have an installer script, so it will be possible to get working node with a proper config by just running one script (in Linux):


Update from Alex Chepurnoy

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