ERGO transfer to Binance

Hello, I’m new to crypto and mining in general. As I received my first payment, I wanted to test out the process of getting my ERGO coins from YOROI wallet to Binance. When I try to deposit crypto to binance there is no coin such as ERGO, I only managed to find Cardano.

ERGO is still not listed on Binance. It is likely to get that listing after few more exchanges accept ergo. With exchange listings, you can expect ergo to be doubling or tripling in value very soon.

But is there a way where I can transfer my Ergo and withdraw it to my credit card?

Greetings, Welcome to crypto, and welcome to Ergo!

You’re new to crypto and you already have Ergo (ERG) in a Yoroi wallet… Seems like you’re off to a good start!

If your goal is to sell ERG (or any other crypto) to pay off a credit card, you will need to sign up for a crypto exchange that accepts your local currency. This is your fiat on/off ramp. The easiest way to go from crypto to fiat is usually bank e-transfers.

You mentioned Binance so lets go with that…

Binance does not have ERG listed, so you will need to find an exchange that does.
Try going to, search “Ergo”, open it and you’ll find a list of exchanges that have ERG.

  • Make an account on one of those exchanges
  • Send your ERG to your new exchange wallet
  • Sell ERG for another crypto that is also listed on Binance (BTC, ADA, USDT, etc…)
  • Send your new coins/tokens of choice to your Binance wallet
  • Sell for fiat
  • Transfer fiat to your bank account
  • Put on credit card

Although… I highly recommend you just hold on to your ERG. Thank me later :wink:

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Soo there is a chance it doubles in value? :smiley:

Send to trade ogre, convert to something else, then send that to Binance and withdraw it.

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Thanks for Sharing the Info!