Ergo Nautilus wallet

Good evening, I’m new to chat and I have this problem. I have two ergo mining payments. the first the older one 1.23 erg does not appear in my wallet, the second the recent 5.05 erg had no problems. What can it depend on?

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I’d first start by verifying all the transaction history of your wallet. You can either try a wallet that has a transaction history or inputting your wallet into the ergo explorer:

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ok thanks, i think i understand what happened, the transaction is from hotbit which is an exchange that has not been working since 10th august and my coins are stuck there

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Sorry your coins are currently stuck on the exchange. Since you have a Nautilus Wallet you should consider mining directly to it now.

To be honest, I’m a bit confused to why you’re sending your mining rewards to an exchange in the first place, if you want to keep them on Nautilus?

Or did you mine those coins a while ago, before wallets like Nautilus were available on Ergo?

Either way, please use this unfortunate issue as a lesson on why you should never mine to an address you don’t have complete control of, like an exchange address.

Trust me when I say nobody on this forum likes seeing things like this happen, no matter the amount of coins lost.

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They are coins that I use for trading. Unfortunately and I think it is one of the limits of Ergo it is not present on the major exchanges for a question of capitalization and liquidity and therefore I used Hotbit. Most of my coins are safe on my Nautilus wallet, but some are currently locked …