Ergo as an investment

Following Ergo as a currency (1), wanted to ask some questions about Ergo as an investment:

  1. What is an investment?
  2. What is the investment thesis?
  3. What are the risks associated with this investment?
  4. What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?
  5. What is the investment horizon?
  6. What is the liquidity of the investment?
  7. What are the fees and expenses associated with the investment?
  8. How does this investment fit into my overall portfolio?
  9. How does this investment align with my values and beliefs?

Collecting all possible questions and answers.


  1. Kushti, Ergo as a currency Ergo as a currency
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In ERG or in general?

For ERG, personally it is a hedge as well as a way to give back to a concept - contractual money and way for unbanked to transact - that I think is very interesting and worthwhile.

never risk more than you can lose. this is easily said, but should be measured by each person and their tolerance for loss and aversion to risk/volatility

not there yet, ask me in 3 years

IF I spend time on something, I expect it to be long term re: investments, assets

ERG – lose about 5% if had to liquidate today plus fiat taxes on gains

less than 5%, probably closer to 2% … it is a hedge and an endeavor

I like this quote I recently read → we lose trust in an institution “when we no longer believe that it plays [an] ethical or formative role, serving as a forge of integrity for the people within it. . . . Rather than shaping the people inside it, it comes to be deformed by them for their own ends” Levin further labels this betrayal “insiderism” and describes it as “perhaps the most obvious factor driving the loss of faith in institutions.”


what is an investment in general

investment for me is loosely one of the following …
Time and focus and energy spent on something I deem valuable
Money from my savings/pocket with expectation of gains/dividends/return in future

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