CyberCitizens Halloween Collection dropping

Hello fellow Ergonauts! I am part of the ErgoPixels team, if you are familiar with us than great! if not allow us to introduce ourselves, we are a team of artists working to help build up the Ergo blockchain with unique collectable items.

Our first drop was a huge success and inspired our GEN 2 drop. However, in the spirit of Halloween, we have been working tirelessly on cartoon-style NFT’s, the Spooky Founders: 500 very spooky, unique and randomly generated cartoon style NFT’s, attributes on your spooky founder depend on a rarity list implemented by our developers which will be released shortly after the drop! Don’t miss out! Drop is today (Nov 1/2021 @ 7 GMT (about 2 hours))

To find out more about us and our future projects you can visit: CyberCitizens Home
To find out more about the Halloween Founders Drop please visit: Halloween Founders drop!
We are giving away one FREE spooky founder prior to our drop, if you are interested please find more info here: Our Twitter

Which one will you get?