ERGnomes collectibles NFT website is up!

Excited to announce that the v1 of ERGnomes website is up and running!

Check out the 10 PROMO NFTs that will be put up for auction on Ergo auction house starting from tomorrow April 9th until April 18th!

Once the auctions start tomorrow, we’ll make it so that by clicking on the NFTs displayed on the website you’ll be redirected to its respective auction page on the auction house, so you won’t have to fumble around to find the NFT you wish to bid on :slight_smile:

For newcomers, we’ve added a button on the top right corner to download a ERG wallet. We’ll plan to add a small section to inform newcomers on where they can buy ERG as well.

This is just a very basic version of the website, future updates will include (but are not limited to):

  • The artistic process
  • The minting process
  • More detailed info on the team
  • ERG exchange list

Thanks for bringing quality NFTs and a reliable distribution approach to Ergo auctionhouse!

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Sorry for the late reply!
Thank you so much for the support :slight_smile:

We’re building a smooth sales-processing system for the main launch, so EVERYONE will have a chance to buy their own ERGnomes at an affordable price :smiley: :mage:

We strive to provide a fun, creative, original and affordable NFT experience above everything else.
Stay tuned :smiley: