Coinmarketcap / other price site updates

Has anyone from the team reached out to coinmarketcap / other similar sites to make the switch from EFYT to ERG?

Thanks! I’ve sent a request to CoinMarketCap. What are other sites listing EFYT data under Ergo ticker?

Coingecko appears to be another:

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Thanks! Will contact Coingecko.

A guy from CoinMarketCap is promising to update the info soon.

Coinpaprika is quite popular as well:

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Any updates from CoinGecko? They seem to have more coins than CMC, even though they aren’t as popular. Would be nice to get the Tidex price ticker integrated with their Ergo page.

On CMC, it’s a shame they are taking so long to update. In their guidelines, they explicitly tell you not to flood them with requests to update or list a coin, so you’re really at their mercy.

There is also which seems to just show data from CMC in a more pleasant format. Perhaps if ERG is listed on a few more exchanges, it will convince CMC to update a bit more quickly.

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Well, finally both CMC and CG have updated data, both showing circulating supply not properly still though: CG just shows amount of EFYTs unlocked while CMC is showing total supply without the whole development fund which does not make sense for sure. I’ve submitted new requests to fix the supplies.

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