Where do I buy ERG

Hi Everyone

I’m new here. Have been reading a lot lately about Ergo and have lots of hope for this project - especially due to its relationship with Cardano

Can someone provide me a list of exchanges (DEX) where I can use to get my hand on some ERG tokens?

Also, when is ledger expected?

Thans a lot

List of current exchanges

Ledger in the works, shouldn’t be long

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Do you have a list of where ERG can be bought. Exchanges/DEX?

It was linked in my first reply

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Thanks a million
Just got my first few :+1:t4:

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Welcome and congrats!

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Gate.io seems like a good exchange for buying ERG but it does have quite a high fee for withdrawal of ERG. I had to trade the ERG for ADA to avoid high withdrawal fees if you’re withdrawing a lot of ERG in Gate.io then the fees are warranted but I find them to be a little high for smaller ERG withdrawal at Gate.io but overall its a great exchange and it’s easy to trade stable coin to ERG there.