Best ergo wallet

What is the best ERGO wallet to use on a desktop? I currently use Yoroi since last year but I believe there are better ones that I have not explored yet.

3. What wallets are popular/recommended for storing $ERG?

See the official wallet page : GetErg | Ergo Platform | for full list of recommended Ergo wallets. Popular Ergo wallets include Nautilus, SAFEW, Satergo, Terminus Wallet-Ergo (for mobile and desktop), and more.

:warning: Yoroi wallet :warning:: Please stop using Yoroi wallet for $ERG: it’s very buggy (borderline unusable for many) & is NOT a recommended Ergo wallet currently.

Choose an alternative from list on official Wallet page and simply restore your wallet balance using your mnemonic seed phrase.

Storing $ERG on Desktop

Ergo Node: Simplified with this install guide

  • The Ergo Node is part of Ergo’s peer-to-peer network which hosts and synchronizes a copy of the entire Ergo blockchain.
  • There is no financial incentive to run a node, but doing so helps increase the security of the network.
  • Certain options are only available to full-node runners, like being an Oracle pool provider & running the Spectrum.DEX backend bots.

Satergo Comparable to Daedalus for Cardano

  • (desktop application/program) with embedded node functionalities, great wallet that’s rising in use and popularity, full nodes help network decentralization and survivability
    • SECURE, INDEPENDENT, INVALUABLE: The only wallet with support for running a full node- Either contribute to the Ergo network or use a remote node, your choice!

SAFEW Safe and Fast Ergo Wallet; pronounced “Say- Few”

  • (desktop browser extension) with built-in tools like ErgoMixer access: interact with ErgoMixer directly from the wallet, transaction builder, token minter, etc. (most underhyped Ergo wallet IMO)
  • UI isn’t as clean/ modern as some others but the extra functionalities are very much worth it, in my opinion.

Nautilus Ergo Privacy Wallet by Captain Nemo

  • (desktop browser extension) simple & lightweight Ergo wallet with dApp connector:, great choice very popular, has privacy mode-- every transaction creates a new address. Provides a smooth user experience, additional functionalities are being added/refined regularly.

Terminus Wallet -Ergo (backed by Ergo Foundation)

New name for iOS version of Ergo wallet by MrStahlfelge -Github

  • Has a desktop version in beta, iOS version now available on App store (no more Test-Flight! yay!) , and Android version in Play Store that is still named Ergo Wallet or Ergo Mobile Wallet.
  • Introduced the game-changing feature- ErgoPay- which uses QR codes for transaction signing AND can also be used as an Ergo cold wallet (as an alternative to Ledger), meaning you can repurpose an old, factory-reset Android into a secure Ergo Cold wallet that is never exposed to the internet= so AWESOME!!

Multi-Platform Wallets

The Zelcore wallet

  • Now supports Ergo as a Flux “parallel asset”, this opens Ergo to a cross-chain resources, tools, communities, liquidity (and potentially risks?) in ways that Ergo has never seen before. Very exciting development and partnership for both Ergo and FLUX! Note: there are two types of ERG on this wallet. ERG which is the the native token of the Ergo blockchain, and “FLUX-ERG” which is Flux’s tokenized version of ERG.

NOTE: I’m going to keep updating this with links and some additional comments/info. I’m just needing to go to bed now-but want to help you with this info, even if it isn’t completely polished yet. :sweat_smile:



I run the full node wallet for desktop.

Have Nautilus and SAFEW for playing around on-chain.

Long term holdings go in the full node wallet, play money in the hot wallets

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