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Hello community,

Thanks to the huge support of our anon developers, Ergo Auction House is now live!

Details can be found on the blog and in this thread.

The first auction is live and it is a very special one: “By anon_real; The very first PoW-backed NFT issued on Ergo. Contains “ergo” in base16 (6572676f). Also, the first NFT auctioned on Ergo Auction House!”. At the same time, It is a good occasion to support anon developers and win nice collectible! You can follow the progress of auctions here.

Any community member is free to create their own auctions(requires full node at the moment). If you are willing to do so and have some nice ideas in mind, please post them in this thread.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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I have some notes to improve on the Auction House.
Is feedback of interest to anybody and if so is this the best place to post it?

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Sure. You can:

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Here are some ideas and notes

  1. That would be nice to be able to sort/filter the current auctions by different values - like sort by lowest or highest price first. Maybe the default sorting should be which ever auction is ending first

  2. Maybe have artwork images visible on the main page, so that bidders can quickly scan rather than having to click into each auction to see an image.

  3. I am currently seeing a little white bar at the bottom of each artwork image in the popup window

  4. It might be beneficial to have a url for individual artwork so that links to the auction for that specific work could be sent to a friend or promoted on social media

  5. It would be great to be able to combine the minting/auction setup into one step so that there is less pasting of addresses and amounts between the windows of Ergo Utils and Ergo Auction House

  6. It could be helpful to have a preview of exactly how the auction will look before it goes live.

That’s all i’ve got at the moment. Thank you for listening


All your notes seem good to me except the number 5. The current approach is a workaround because wallets generally don’t support token issuance currently, so can’t do anything about it.

Since I’m busy with some other stuff as well, I’ll work on your suggestions gradually. For now, I have added a specific link for each auction to make it possible to promote.



A “buy it now” option could be nice


Sorting is also done.


I think this sorting function is a huge help!
Thank you

I had a few more thoughts on useful features.

• A “buy it now” price could be nice for both the bidder and the seller
• Being able to set the auction to end on a specific block or at a specific time could be nice
• Maybe a sort by most recent bids so you can see what has been bid on most recently

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  • “buy it now” option requires a change in the smart contract which may take some time to do right.
  • If you don’t enable “Auto Extend” then your auction will be finished on a specific block.
  • Sure.
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I’m just throwing out ideas of what might be useful as I come across them. I’m not sure if it is easy to do updates one at a time or in groups.

• Visual flag to indicate if you are winning one of the auctions
• Visual flag to indicate if you have been outbid
• Sort by auctions you are winning/bid on

I feel like it would be really great to have images of the NFTs visible without having to click into them. I think it would boost engagement a lot.


Sure. I’m busy with some other stuff currently. Will do this after.


• would be helpful to display the minimum cost to place the next bid without having to click in

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I’m not sure why blocks were recently mined so fast, but it might be more predictable for users to tie the auctions ending to a timestamp rather than a block.

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We had mining difficulty drop today as a consequence of the protocol upgrade. So we had a lot of blocks today. Now things are getting back to normal.

Using timestamp is possible, requires for contracts update though.


@Zimulakra drastic changes in block mining rarely happens (hopefully never again).

@kushti how is it possible to check the timestamp in contracts? using external services like A trustless timestamping service for boxes - #9 by scalahub?

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Just read timestamp from last block header

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I think having artwork images visible on the front page would greatly increase the user experience on the auction house and help high quality work gain momentum.

If load times are an issue, maybe when the auction is created there could be a user input area to link to a smaller image for the thumbnail.

Thank you :pray:

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^That would be awesome. Is there also a way for a separate area or way to differentiate for music?

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