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Hello, Ergonauts,
I did not saw in auction any encrypted link option will be uploaded/llinked from seeller with it’s unique digital art and opened when item is bought where the buyer will get the original (non preview) art from decrypted at auction item time-or-block end point? In a shorter sentence:
<> Item Description;
<> One link/upload slot for preview;
<>One link for encrypt original art file untill end of item auction to receive from buyer.

Greetings from StefanKov

That service also depends on block height so it won’t work here. Just checking block timestamp as kushti said will probably work

I’m trying to make bids on a bunch of NFT’s but it seems I can only make one bid per block.

Is there a good way to make multiple bids at the same time to speed up the process?

Right now i’m paying from Yoroi, and I get this warning message.
“Cannot send a new transaction while an existing one is still pending.”

I’ve experienced that too, the auction house is a fantastic start to building the NFT community but could use some more support from us! I’d love to keep building the nft community. Wanna start? There’s some awesome things to sort out. Tons of opportunities. Auction house brought me into ergo and now I want to build up.

Anyways, while I’m not a dev I’m sensing that the NFT community that’s forming could come together and start identifying where we want to take NFTs on Ergo. There’s great tech here to build up on!

Royalties of some kind?
P2P trading platform, with ergoscript backed escrow?
Multi bids?
Allowing more competitive bidding? (I’ve been blocked out by another collector out bidding me, then a pending transaction hits my wallet. You could block someone out for a loooong time with this method)

Metadata standards? All great things to build.

My buddy & I made a video presentation of how to improve Audio NFTs & NFTs in general. Perhaps expanding the auction house to include a licensing marketplace similar to “Envato (audiojungle)/Motion Array” will help it grow. As far as we’ve seen, this has yet to be done by any platform. Huge task indeed but the more options the better!

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