Artist Guideline

If you are an artist there are several things that you should take into consideration for using the Ergo Auction House.

It is very important for each artist to have only one specific address that he works with. It means that every artist should have a wallet with only one address in it. This is important for several reasons:

  • Will be important later for artist verification.
  • All your artworks will be identified with that address and you can easily present yourself on socials.

By design, you can use any wallet you like but currently, it is strongly advised to use Ergo Wallet Android which is easy to use with the QR codes that auction house V2 provides. The next best option is using Yoroi Nightly with the dapp connector – Please note that this is still in testing and you may experience some minor issues.

Make sure to configure the right wallet (with only one address in it) in the UI before issuing your artwork.

Using only one wallet with the specified condition is specifically important for issuing artworks (and not starting auctions) to make sure you receive the royalties and your artwork is presentable under one address to prevent scams.

Please note that there is no longer needed to use to issue artworks. You should do it on the AH website. First issue your artwork, once you see it under “Owned Artworks” then feel free to start your auction.

If you decide to use Yoroi nighty:
Although many problems with Yoroi nighty are resolved, there are still some issues. If you encounter any problem with it, just open your wallet and let the transaction table update with your latest transactions, and then everything should be fine – also wait for pending transactions to be mined. If it is not resolved, send all your funds to yourself and wait for it to be mined.


Such a big step for the Ergo NFT space; thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this. This is only the beginning :slight_smile:


Also, I just have to say THANK YOU to the auction house devs & team for all their hard work on this successful launch of v2. The experience & ease of use from minting to auctioning is just absolutely amazing!! Took me a while to get around to using it because I wanted the auctions I had posted on v1 to finish but now that it’s here, I’m just stoked to get to share this experience with my fellow musician & artist friends.

ERGO KID!!! Get your crypto right!!!


Can I use ergo wallet iOS (beta)? Don’t have android

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Sure, any wallet will work. However, I suggest having only one address in your wallet.

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Sweet yea checked w dev :pray: