API connection error

I’m messing around with the pages to file the crypto income tax return. Many do not recognize Ergo at all. Most do not have a functional API. Only cointracking and Koinly
They recognize Ergo.
-. Ergo tokens (Erdoge, sigusd, sigrsv, Ergopad…) do not have quoted prices in order to make data processing easy. That should be necessary to be a first division blockchain.
I don’t understand programming. But I would ask the foundation to fix these issues and even work with Koinly and Cointracking to improve Ergo.

Please comment below under Petur’s comments regarding Spectrums recent integration into coingecko and the token prices you would like to be displayed on koinly: Integrate Ergo Native Tokens | Integration requests (public) | Koinly.

But we also need to get more tokens listed on coingecko like sigusd. To do that, we need these tokens on at least one cex. One thing people are doing is listing it on non-kyc and then after a few weeks applying on coingecko to get officially listed.

so in the case of the reminaing tokens you dont see on the coingecko’s spectrum markets: https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/spectrum-finance they have to get listed on another cex first.

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