Ergo Platform Update 07.05.2020

Dev Fund Board has decided to pay bounties to external contributors to 3.2.3 release, @gtklocker @jasondavies @knizhnik !

Development news: - anon92048 is going to publish updated mixing web application with a critical vulnerability fix. The vulnerability was reported by Jason Davies, public description is available now: - DEX development is going: greenhat is finalizing contracts, Ilya Oskin started matcher service. - Explorer now running on new backend as well as front-end. The new interface shows tokens issued, as well as swap orders. Explorer now preserving order of transaction outputs and block transactions. Thanks to DeadIT and Ilya Oskin! - Core development continues: version 3.2.3 will be released on Friday, 3.3.0 is mostly done and coming! - morphic is working on JIT costring and improving Ergo Appkit, a tool to build Ergo Applications - greenhat is doing reference ErgoTree interpreter in Rust. The team is working on ErgoTree specification also. - Dev Fund will pay bounties to 3.2.3 non-core contributors: Jason Davies, gtklocker, knizhnik! Developers, come and contribute to Ergo! - Mainnet DeFi experiment: one-way convertible USD token: Tethering a token to USD using the rate oracle - Jason Davies made first MuSig on the mainnet (aggregated multisignature scheme which is proposed for Bitcoin and will be possible after Schnorr support in Bitcoin). Next will be live demo along with open-sourcing, and also private cross-chain swap PoC based on MuSig + adaptor signatures.