An Issue With Change address of Node Wallet

A lot of complaints were given on a change address to be used which is not shown in the node (but balance is correct, at least, after rescan). Affected version are 4.0.13 - 4.0.15.

Since very early versions, Ergo node used root secret key (derived from seed) for change address. After switching to EIP-3, supported by CoinBarn and Yoroi around that time, the node switched to the same change address as in the wallets, thus derived address corresponding to m/44’/429’/0’/0/0.

A bug introduced during wallet refactoring made change address to be corresponding to the root secret again.

The issue is fixed in Change address fix by kushti · Pull Request #1488 · ergoplatform/ergo · GitHub , merged into upcoming 4.0.16 release.

If no address was derived in the wallet, the wallet will try to fix change address under the hood.

Please note, that a public key corresponding to the root secret is still tracked (and will be so).