Node wallet, after new jar I initialized it instead of restoring it, and now address is different and empty

Hi Support,

I downloaded “ergo-5.0.14.jar”. After setting the API key I Initialized the wallet ( instead of restoring it, with the wallet password only) and that generated a new address which is empty.

I stopped the node and launched it again on a different PC. This time I restored the wallet (using the mnemonic, wallet password and mnemonic password), yet the new address still shows up!

Ergo Explorer shows the new address is empty. While the old address still has a correct balance.

Is this a bug? Is there any other way to recover the funds from a Node wallet (by sending them to a mobile wallet for example), than running the node and succeeding in restoring the correct wallet address?

You can use your mnemonic in any wallet. If you’ve set an additional mnemonic password - you can try it in Satergo I believe.

You can also rescan in swagger, and try deriving additional addresses.

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Thanks Glasgowm,

The mnemonic restores to the new address in the official Ergo wallet, and is empty.

I may have stored the wrong mnemonic then… :roll_eyes:

Did you set a mnemonic password when creating the wallet?

In the Ergo Wallet app, click into the wallet, and try deriving additional addresses to see if your funds appear in them.

Hi Glasgown,

I did set a mnemonic password, which I wasn’t asked for in the Ergo wallet app.
I derived 100 addresses, but they’re all empty


Have you tried satergo wallet?