Try to recreate my wallet using 12 words - fail


I haven’t much of experience on Ergo, and need some help about my wallet:

  1. Before some time, I had set-up a mining rig and mined around 50 ERGO.
  2. During the creation of the 12 words, one of the words wasn’t an english word (it was something completely made up). I am writing this for the record.
  3. After some months I’ve decided to take a look at my wallet, but the ergo node wasn’t working anymore, propably due to old version.
  4. I’ve tried to recover my wallet with the 12 words but it doesn’t work! Millions of problems, and I can never find the wallet that contains the 50 ergo coins.

It’s so frustrating and I probably will loose the for good. Does anyone has any proposals?
This is the wallet address: 9ftom9mwZZopBhAoT77cKRKEXBnHihBnD8taGK9ymwfiiffyoyk

thx in advance for any ideas or proposals.

If there is only one word off, and the rest are in order, it may be possible to recover the private key.

There was a thread on reddit about this here:

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