Newbie mining rig (need advise)

Hey guys, does anybody see anything wrong with this rig set up?

  • Motherboard: ASUS PRIME Z390-P Intel Socket 1151 Motherboard
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-9100F
  • Fans: Arctic P12 Value Pack (5 Fans)
  • SSD: Kingston SSD A400 Solid State Drive
  • GPU: x6 Asus NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 ROG Strix Gaming OC
  • Rig Chassis
  • Wi-Fi Adpater / Eth Cable
  • 6 x Ubit PCIE Risers
  • Power Swtich
  • Power Supply: x2 Corsair RMx 1000 W 80+ Gold
  • 2 x 4GB Crucial DDR4 RAM
  • SATA to USB Cable (To get windows 10 from PC to SSD)

As long as the motherboard supports 4G encoding you are good to go most modern motherboards will have the option to switch between 4G encoding in the BIOS in the case of ASUS PRIME Z390-P it does have 4G encoding and quite a few PCI-e slots. Intel i3 is a really good CPU for your rig I run a dual-core Celeron D you don’t need a lot of CPU resources unless you are mining a CPU-intensive algorithm. 2 x 1000 watt CPU seems adequate one thing I would recommend changing is Windows and use Hive OS a Linux based OS designed for cryptocurrency mining.