HELP Stolen Artwork!

Hello, I sell my artwork on Rarible and Opensea. I was notified that my artwork was selling at ERGO. (which I do not have an account).

Here is the link to all of the links that I have created. As you can see I minted Rise of King Stonks ~5 hours before this individual stole it.


I’m on rarible @ashfordartworks

Seems to be a lot of copyright infringement with NFT these days. An artist died. Then thieves made NFTs of her work.

I can’t help you but I would like to see how this issue gets resolved as I am interested in proof of ownership when it comes to NFT. Since there are many blockchains that can support smart contracts now I figured we would come to this hurdle sooner or later with stolen artwork appearing on a different chains without the original author’s knowledge. This is an issue for sure integrity and proving legitimacy will play a big part when it comes to current and future NFT sales.

If you let your fans know your public wallet address and tell them that any sales not issued by that wallet are most likely fakes.