Error withdrawals

Hello, I’ll explain my nonsense to you… when I wanted to transfer LTC to tradeorgre, I transferred my ERGOs to my LTC address… by mistake.

so I sent 254 ergo to my Litecoin (LTC) address.

Is he lost forever?

|Ergo (ERG)|254.60749200
|05/02/22 2:55 PM

* Fee: 0.10000000
  • Address: ADRESS-LTC-
  • Payment ID:
  • TXID: a2fb5fc5e6bd46e398c76c93d794285ab2843a0be49c3b449f3656381d5f9d6d|

Many tks

EDIT: FIXED by Admin on tradeorgre I contacted him he told me that he was going to look and if possible do the necessary and here he saved my nonsense

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From the transaction, it seems no real withdrawal was done, the transaction has only fee and change outputs. So your money not left the exchange actually.

Yes I saw that I hadn’t been far, but yes luckily it wasn’t further. the loss of my pretty little love ERGO…

Thank you for your precision my friend :wink: good mining