ErgoMixer, ZeroJoin Mixer for ERG and Tokens

ErgoMixer v2 is released, please start using the new version.

Changelog v2.0.0:

  • Token mixing
  • UI improvements
  • Cost and performance optimization
  • Dynamic cost and fee management for uniform inclusion of txs in the blocks
  • Binaries for Mac and Windows

You can download binaries and built versions, use the docker image, or build from source.

Some statistics about the ErgoMixer v1:

  • ~1300 mixes were started and finished successfully.
  • ~70k mixing rounds were done.
  • ~40k ERG mixed successfully.
  • No specific issue was detected and all mixes were successful.

A new feature named “Covert Address” will be added to ErgoMixer in the next release in a few days, Stay tuned!


Really awesome work… looking forward to more ergo tools from you.


Good news! What is “Covert Address” and how it is different from the stealth addresses recently proposed (@ Stealth Address Contract ) ?


ErgoMixer v3.0.0 is going to be released by October 6.
This version includes a lot of new features including:

  • Covet address
  • Tor support
  • Multiple node request distribution
  • Backup/restore functionalities
  • Data pruning for old finished mixes
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Backward compatibility from now on
  • Security bug fix (not exploited ever; related post will be released)

Also, starting from this version, ErgoMixer will be backward compatible; Meaning you won’t have to remove the mixer’s database and finish your mixes in order to start using a new version in the future.

Using ErgoMixer v2, more than 56,000 ERG mixed successfully. Therefore, there are more than 110,000 ERG being mixed till now using the ErgoMixer.

:warning:IMPORTANT: Please consider finishing your mixes by Monday and start using the new version.


A covert address is an entry point to a mix. Any received erg/token on this address will automatically mixed after reaching a predefined threshold and can be withdrawn to any address later


ErgoMixer channel on discord:


ErgoMixer v3 is out!

:warning: IMPORTANT NOTE: v3 is not compatible with v2, So please make sure you withdraw all your mixes and remove/move v2 database located in ergoMixer directory in your home before using v3. :warning:


Starting from v3, we have an admin version of ErgoMixer which refills token and fee emission boxes automatically using mixer’s income.
Also, in the admin panel which me, @anon2020s, have access to, we can add/remove support for new tokens, add rings, change fee/byte, etc. All running mixers will adapt to new parameters within a few minutes.

How client are getting the parameters?

parameters are stored on blockchain (not data input though), clients scan the blockchain for new parameters every few minutes.

So for example this address:

Is where clients scan to see what tokens/rings are supported.
Each box is showing a support for a specific token. Also boxes have the special mixer’s token so no one else can create one.
So adding support for a new token is as simple as creating such box specifying token id, rings, decimal, etc.

Dynamic fee factor is also stored in the above boxes. This factor is currently 1000 meaning mixer will pay 1000 nano ergs per byte of the transaction.

Information about mixing levels (currently 30, 60, 90, 180) and their respective prices are stored in token emission boxes in this address:

Also, max fee parameter specifying maximum amount of fee deductible from fee emission boxes are stored in each of the fee emission boxes here:

Any of these parameters can be changed transparently without needing to release a new version for the ErgoMixer.


" anon2020sYesterday at 20:04

ErgoMixer v3.1.0 released.
Import your current addresses (from Magnum for example),convert them to covert, and keep using them in the mixer.


  • Change covert’s default ring to 250 ERG
  • Add name for covert addresses for easier referencing
  • Import existing addresses from other wallets as covert address
  • Major refactoring for improving performance and future developments"

A tutorial for importing magnum (or any other wallet):


ErgoMixer v3.2.0 released.

  • API exposure with swagger.
  • Sorting option for the mix table.
  • Some other minor UI improvements.
  • Minor bug fix: deposit amount of covert addresses was lacking the very first miner fee which is fixed now.

Isn’t it lovely to have the very first Programmable Mixer?


A new tutorial on ErgoMixer by Anon2020s and Sakata:


Please take a look and join the discussion:

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That’s one small step for Ergo. One giant leap for Crypto.

Here we are, yet another First for Ergo, the first mixable stablecoin which mixing came out to be non-interactive and programmable.

ErgoMixer v3.3.1 is out: Download


  • SigUSD/RSV mixing
  • SigUSD/RSV direct mint
  • UI/UX improvement
  • Minor UI bug fix; pending deposit of tokens

There are two ways to anonymize SigTokens:

  • SigUSD/RSV mixing
    – Mix your SigTokens the same way you mix Erg (mix and covert address)
    – SigToken origin is known, destination is indistinguishable
  • SigUSD/RSV direct mint
    – Mix Erg, directly mint SigTokens with mixed Erg
    – The origin Erg for minting SigToken is anonymized

Interestingly, these features are composable.

Note that:

  • In order to buy SigTokens, you MUST NOT set addresses when creating new mix/covert address and use “set later” option. Otherwise, the mixed boxes will immediately be withdrawn when mixing is finished and you have no chance to use them for minting.
  • In order to mix tokens the fees are deductible as the same token AND some Erg for paying miner fees.
  • buying the SigTokens is a manual process. The mixer tries to buy only once, if failed it is your responsibility to try again (same as UI).
  • You can mint SigTokens with several mixed boxes at once; mixer will nest the txs and any sequential set of these boxes may be mint successfully.
  • nesting the boxes and a high miner fee will theoretically increase the success rate of mining, specially in rush hours. High miner fee is obvious, nesting will help when the miner chooses one of the txs and he must include a sequence of your txs, in order to mine the chosen tx.
  • UI fee in mixer is Zero; you pay only for mixing service and minting fee.
  • Since the mixed boxes has a fixed value and SigToken prices are variable, the whole Erg in the box cannot be used for minting. Mixer calculates the amount to be sent to SigToken contract and sends the excess Erg to the withdraw address.
  • Only Completed mixed boxes can be used for minting.
  • On using several boxes for minting, the minted SigTokens are accurate only for the first box. Since each action can change the minting price, next boxes show only an approximation with no guarantee.
  • When using manual config file, in order to add support for SigToken buy, some mandatory changes in config file must be done. Please check github for additional information.

reserved for tutorial.