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I started this channel to share clips from what brought me into Ergo which are the transparent and informative AMA’s. Pretty straight forward, thought most people wouldn’t want to watch the entire AMA’s for whatever reason so, just easy to share digestible/shareable clips. The ergo YouTube channel/twitter had started that but weren’t consistently posting the clips, so just thought id take over. In sharing the linktree above, in hoping that people will share their favorite clips on their preferred sites to spread the word of ergo, but not only that, possibly to also get more people to create their own clips, videos, twitter threads, blog posts, etc. to help with marketing. I’d like to thank ergo tutorials and eva2121 for their continued work as they are the ones I’ve gotten inspiration from! Once I’ve caught up to the AMA’s i’ll be looking at the the other videos as well as the hash it out videos/sigma updates as well.
One ask to the ergo marketing community is that you start your own channels and possibly translate the videos into other languages be it with subtitles, voice overs or whatever which way and share them as well if you also are not able to create your own original content like me!


Translating subtitles for #Ergo in italian. Have a look italian peeps:


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