Ergo Mainnet 4.0.3 Release

Version 4.0.3 of Ergo protocol reference client. It includes:

  • #1248 /node/shutdown method to shut the node down (/node/shutdown)
  • #1246 API method to collect the boxes for external applications (/wallet/boxes/collect)
  • #991 API methods for fee estimation (/transactions/poolHistogram, /transactions/getFee, /transactions/waitTime)
  • #1263 API method to get scan-related transactions (/wallet/transactionsByScanId)
  • #1259 Node panel updated

Also, mining rewards can be recognized and be added to the wallet now with wallet being locked.

Contributors: @deadit , @knizhnik , @kushti , @semyonoskin

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Has mining stopped while the hardening is going on?

Please update to 4.0.4