Ergo Mainnet 3.3.1 Release

Ergo protocol reference client 3.3.1. It includes following PRs:

#1170: /scan/addBox endpoint to add a box to scans, or change scans of a box (including transferring it to the wallet by setting scanIds to contain 10, which is wallet's scan id)
#1166: fixes for transaction downloading: the node now is not downloading transactions during the sync (#1146), and asking a peer for a transaction only once (#1137)
#1162: /wallet/rescan API endpoint added to rescan the wallet
#1168: /wallet/transactions endpoint now shows only wallet-related transactions
#1142: decimals encoding changed according to EIP-4 
#1167: easier migration from 3.2 for wallets with a single root key just
#1163: unused code and dependencies removed, including code for no-premine proof generation ceremony
#1172: fixes for some texts in the UI panel

Migration from 3.2:

If you're running 3.2.x node, just remove wallet/registry subfolder in your ergo data folder (e.g. ~/.ergo). Unlock the wallet after running the node (you can lock it a minute later).