Ergo Mainnet 3.2.1 Release

Please note that resync is needed if you are upgrading the node from 3.0.x or 3.1.x.

This minor release includes:

It includes following PRs:

#1012 and #1045 : mempool and miner made friendly to transactions spending outputs of offchain transactions
#1044 : pure-Java LevelDB dependency got back (to make possible to run the node on 32-bit platforms such as Raspberry Pi, see #1038 )
#1042: seed node list updates for both mainnet and testnet
#1020: IODB dependency finally removed
#1019: configurable parameter for syncing detection during headers-chain download


ScorexFoundation/Scorex#361 - Circe updated to 0.9.0
ScorexFoundation/Scorex#359 - keep-alive flag removed from socket options
ScorexFoundation/Scorex#358 - improved banning of peers for sending inappropriate messages
ScorexFoundation/Scorex#355 - terminate application if port to bind is in use