Ergo Mainnet 3.2.0 Release

Attention! This version contains breaking changes in database structure, so please remove “state”, “history”, “wallet/registry” in your data folder (.ergo by default), and do re-sync. If you did not make derived keys, you can delete the whole folder and recover from mnemonic. Please unlock wallet before the height of the first tokens retrieval!

Main changes:

  • PR #969 , #1011 - LevelDB is used now for storing the state (UTXO set + authenticated AVL+ tree on top of it)
  • PR #1004 - a fix for light mode with blocksToKeep set (pruning switched on)

Additionally (fixes for minor issues not related to client functionality):

  • PR #1010 - support for native-image generation in ergo-wallet
  • PR #997 - from now every new release will be checked for bootstrapping in 3 full-node regimes (w. UTXO set, w/out UTXO set, w/out UTXO set and blockchain pruning)
  • PR #1014 - improvements and fixes in
  • PR #1015 - fix for Docker build
  • PR #1016 - fix for empty gitHeadCommit (minor building issue)