BBDD with Wallets

One of the features I like most about blockchain is the ability to perform the functions of a transparent, decentralized database.

I understand that the word blockchain is tied to the word finance, although I try to see blockchain always avoiding finance in my mind.

Since I started playing with the Ergo blockchain, I try to build while avoiding the traditional database. Although the function that the identifiers have in the database seems incredible to me.

BBDD with Wallets

The other day I was thinking and making some sketches to replicate a traditional database using wallets and tokens. Here's an example, let me explain better....

Imagine 1 database containing a table for your clients.

Table Clients

  • id_client
  • name_client
  • tlf_client

If we take this table to a wallet with tokens it would look like this.

Table with wallet and tokens

I create a wallet and as many tokens as I need. In this example I will create a table with 3 clients.
Wallet 1 is the Clients table and 3 tokens are 3 clientes.

From each token I have to get the amount of tokens I need to relate to other tables. Since the token ID will act as a customer identifier and will need to be sent to the tables of orders, discounts, credits…
So I have created these 3 tokens.

To create a table of orders and relate it to a specific customer, we would only have to create a new wallet for orders and send 1 token of the customer to whom those orders will belong. This wallet would become a table with all the orders of a given customer. Each order would be another token (if we believe that this order could be related to another new table in the future, an amount greater than 1 will be created to send it to the new related wallet).

It would look something like this.