Fee distribution, defi, raffle combination

I took interest in Armenias comments earlier on YouTube earlier discussing fee distribution and royalty distributions.

I’ve long held the opinion that the raffle system is ideal or distribution of royalties and fees if conducted as hundreds or thousands of simultaneous micro raffles instead of single jackpot prizes to create fair and even fee distribution relative to tokens held by participants.

In the first instance this would allow for security type projects without the promise of return (as per howey) as the returns would rely upon chance based distribution of fees that could perhaps integrate into decentralised autonomous pools as a bridge between product fees and end user.

This would also allow high frequency micro raffles to raise system funds and to allow new trading options and futures trading/betting through single raffles through to high frequency autonomous raffles.

This fits well into the eutxo model with large payout addresses and would just need to integrate alongside a decentralised random number generator as per ergo raffle.

I think it’s both legally and technically really interesting and could really set ergo apart from the rest and build upon its exisiting raffle platform.